The Oranjezicht Good food Club is founded on the strong belief that food is indeed the best medicine. Good food, and therefore, good health, should be accessible to all. The values of the club is to make good food more affordable by buying it directly from farmers or local/smaller producers. This ensures lower costs for you, the customer, but also better support for the farmers and producers/suppliers who put a lot of effort into sourcing/producing food of exceptional quality. The club supports ethical and sustainable farming to ensure humane treatment of animals and fair wages for workers.

Nestled under Table Mountain sits our little community of Oranjezicht. May we come together around food, as has been the traditions of old, and may we find not only new friendships, but also greater knowledge about food/nutrition and its preparation. I trust that you will enjoy the offerings I bring, that it will enrich your lives and that as you enjoy them, you will feel more connected to the source of your food. As you drink a glass of milk, may it invoke the cold Karoo mornings of Prince Albert where the Guernsey cows are brought in for milking. When you roast your Cornish hen in the oven, may you think of the happy, well-loved chickens on the farm up in the mountain of St Lourie’s Pass. And when you enjoy your sprouted wheat bread, think of the incredibly hard work that has gone into creating organic, pesticide free wheat from the heart of Prieska.

Yours in good health, Twinita